1.What is a planting

Is the service of adjusting the Christmas tree trunk to the stand, and adjusting (stable and straight) the Christmas tree in the Christmas tree stand. We do not take responsibility for the assembly of Christmas trees in stands other than those purchased from us in the company.

2. What is utilization

After the holidays, we will take the Christmas tree from you and transport it to a suitable point, where it will be converted into biomass. We recycle Christmas trees from 6/01.

3. How can I be sure that my Christmas tree will be the most beautiful?

All the Christmas trees we sell are of the same top grade. We sell Christmas trees mainly to premium places (restaruations, banks, ministries, shopping malls, offices, etc.). We have been on the market since 2011. We do not sell cheap (market) Christmas trees. We care about quality and that the customer is satisfied with the Christmas tree. If you are not satisfied with the Christmas tree you have the opportunity to take a photo and send us a complaint – we will try to help.

4. Can I return my Christmas tree?

When you buy a Christmas tree, you give up the right to return. The Christmas tree as a living product is non-returnable. There are too many factors (air humidity, air ducts, ventilation, temperature) for us to take responsibility for the conditions under which the Christmas tree is kept. In case of customer dissatisfaction, we always try to help – we treat each case individually.

5. Are our Christmas trees fresh?

Christmas trees are delivered from about 20/11 on a regular basis in many transports. When you buy a Christmas tree in our company, you have the guarantee that it is not more than a few days old. The durability of a Christmas tree depends on many factors – ventilation, air circulation, temperature, etc. The life of a Christmas tree will be slightly different in each place, but on average, when it comes to cut Christmas trees, it is about a few weeks.

6. what kind of stand will be suitable for my Christmas tree?

For small Christmas trees (up to 1.7 m), a plastic or small metal stand will be suitable. We recommend buying a large metal stand – it is the most universal stand – it fits all sizes available on our website. The durability of such a stand is several years. If in the next year you decide, for example, for a taller Christmas tree, this type of stand will still be appropriate.

7. Do our potted Christmas trees have roots? Can we plant them in the garden?

Jeżeli wiedzą Państwo, że choinka trafi później do ogródka zachęcamy do zakupu choinki “ukorzenionej”. Tylko ten typ choinki jest w pełni przygotowany do przesadzenia – ma bryłę korzeniową. Każde inne drzewko może się przyjąć, ale nie musi – nie rekomendujemy zakupu innych drzewek jeśli mają później zostać przesadzone.

8. can we choose the time of delivery?

When placing an order, you have the opportunity to choose a four-hour range from 8 – 22 p.m. The driver calls about half an hour before delivery. Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons, we are not able to deliver a Christmas tree for a specific hour.

9. Can we decorate a Christmas tree for you?

Of course, we provide Christmas tree decoration services. We invite you to contact us individually.

10. How much does the delivery cost?

In Warsaw, it costs PLN 45. Outside Warsaw, up to 20 km from the center of Warsaw, it costs PLN 55.

11. Are we renting Christmas trees?

We rent Christmas trees. This type of service is to rent a Christmas tree for 1-2 days at most. If a Christmas tree is needed for a longer period of time, we can only offer to sell the tree.

12. how can I order a Christmas tree?

Due to contact information, numbers, addresses, etc., the easiest way to order a Christmas tree is through our website or e-mail. The form on the site is very simple – there is space to choose a delivery date and for additional comments. We confirm each order by phone, so any errors in orders will be verified.