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Choinki z dowozem na terenie Warszawy i okolic

Choinki Warszawa - Offer

  • It is characterized by a beautiful, symmetrical shape and dark green color
  • It has soft, non-stinging needles, 2-3 cm long, placed densely on the twigs, which makes the Christmas tree look wonderful
  • Is the most durable of all the trees in our offer
  • Beautiful form – it has a very regular shape and dense, evenly spaced branches
  • Is characterized by a unique resinous smell
  • It has green, short, prickly needles up to 3 cm long
Choinki Warszawa

Huge Christmas trees

  • Abies nordmanniana and Picea with dimensions from 3 to 16 meters
  • Please contact us individually
  • Ideal for small spaces – height 120-150 cm
  • We deliver the tree in a pot – there is no need to buy a stand
  • Is the most durable of all the trees in our offer
  • It has delicate, soft needles
  • Ideal for small spaces – height 90-120cm
  • We deliver the tree in a pot – there is no need to buy a stand
  • Beautiful color
  • Characterized by regular shapes
  • It is very durable just like the Abies Nordmanniana
  • It has a beautiful citrus scent
  • Is narrower than the Jodła Kaukaska
  • Christmas trees can be dressed by our decorators
  • We can bring ornaments, if you don’t have yours
  • We have a lot of experience in dressing trees
  • We approach each order individually
Choinki Warszawa

Planting and utilization of Christmas trees

  • If you want, we can plant each tree in a stand
  • We will set up the tree in a place of your choice
  • If you don’t have a stand use our offer
  • Disposal is the service of taking away your Christmas tree after Christmas. We dispose of Christmas trees between January 6-16. The date is determined during the order.
  • Choice of cold or warm white color
  • Number of lamps: 500 pcs. LED
  • The lights have a controller so you can choose your own style of lighting 1 of 8 available programs
  • Burnout of 1 diode does not affect the operation of the whole set

Christmas trees Warsaw

We accept orders for Christmas trees until 05.01. until 11.00, excluding the Christmas break and the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Delivery time is determined with the customer individually. Delivery is possible within 48h from the moment of order.

The cost of Christmas tree delivery in Warsaw is PLN 45, outside the city (max. 20 km) PLN 55.

When placing orders, you can give a suggested delivery date – choose any four-hour interval from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each order confirmed by phone. Therefore, be sure to provide a valid phone number. In case of incorrect contact information, the order will not be processed.

Price list

Abies Nordmanniana premium

  • 140 cm - 175 cm 190 zł
  • 175 cm - 200 cm 240 zł
  • 200 cm - 225 cm 280 zł
  • 225 cm - 250 cm 320 zł
  • 250 cm - 300 cm 380 zł
  • 300 cm - 350 cm 440 zł

Abies Frasiera

  • 130 cm - 170 cm 175 zł
  • 170 cm - 210 cm 210 zł
  • 210 cm - 250 cm 250 zł


  • up to 220 cm 100 zł
  • 220cm - 240 cm 110 zł
  • 240 cm 130 zł

Picea in a pot

  • tree 90-120 cm 95 zł

Abies nordmanniana premium in a pot

  • tree 120-150 cm 175 zł
  • tree 150-170 cm 190 zł
  • rooted tree 100-120 cm 250 zł

Decorative trees

  • Poinsecja 30 zł
  • Mini Picea with decorations in a pot (20-30cm) 55 zł
  • Christmas tree made 90-110 zł


  • Plastic stand 50 zł
  • Small metal stand 120 zł
  • Large metal stand 160zł

Christmas tree lights

  • warm white 99 zł
  • cold white 99 zł

Order a Christmas tree online

We are at your disposal to help:

+48 690 596 694

We invite you in hours. 08: 00-22: 00

Each order is confirmed and agreed by phone. Please check that the phone number is correct. In the event of incorrect contact details, the order will not be processed.

More needs?

Choinki Warszawa

We also sell wholesale.

We have been operating on the market for many years, thanks to which we have access to the most beautiful Christmas trees. We have reliable suppliers for whom the cultivation of decorative trees is a lifetime passion. Thanks to this, we can offer the best prices and a satisfaction guarantee for your future customers. We invite you to inquire about Christmas trees in wholesale quantities.